Ejemplo De Proyecto De Investigacion

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Proyecto De Investigacion
proyecto de investigacion
appropriate water management policies and practices to ensure water conservation; and (c) to modify norms (policies, regulations) that act as constraints to adaptation;

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Convocatoria De Ayudas De Proyectos De Investigación
convocatoria de ayudas de proyectos de investigación
A weak southward Portugal Current offshore of Iberia and the Azores Current contribute to the Canary Current, which flows along the African coast as far as Cape Blanc (21N). There, the Canary Current leaves the coast to flow westward into the North Equatorial Current. Between Capes Blanc and Verde, a permanent cyclonic recirculation feeds water northwards along the coast. Part of this poleward flow continues beyond Cape Blanc as an undercurrent, possibly continuous as far north as Iberia. The north–south .

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Convocatoria De Ayudas De Proyectos De Investigación Fundamental
convocatoria de ayudas de proyectos de investigación fundamental
SUMMARY (brief and precise, outlining only the most relevant topics and the proposed objectives): This project is the result of the cohesion created by a series of projects carried out in collaboration by the research team on the analysis and learning from data, especially those formed by symbolic sequences. Our main objectives are:Development of methods for the analysis, learning and data mining, as well as the study of their fundamentals.Specifically, development of techniques for data processing and .

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El Proyecto Se Realiza Dentro De Un Grupo De Investigación Estable
el proyecto se realiza dentro de un grupo de investigación estable
.Corresponding author: Dr. Eduardo García-Fuentes, Laboratorio de Investigación, Hospital Civil, Plaza del Hospital Civil s/n, 29009 Málaga, ..com or to Dr. Manuel Macias-González, Laboratorio Investigación, Fundación IMABIS, Hospital Virgen de la Victoria, Campus Teatinos s/n, 29010, Málaga.

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Convocatoria De Ayudas De proyectos De Investigación (2004)
convocatoria de ayudas de proyectos de investigación (2004)
Figure 1: Areas of Mediterranean climate in the Mediterranean basin (taken from Folch et al., 1993) Other important factors in present-day Mediterranean vegetation modelling have been the fire, either produced by natural or anthropogenic causes, and the historical deforestation of vast areas for agricultural use. Although the anthropogenic influence has been very important in the Mediterranean since ancient times, presently it is being made worse by intense farming and by vast urban development, .

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