El Amante Lesbiano

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forthcoming under the title, "el amante adolescente," in juan
This is the lover - I confess it - who delights me, I shall meet his stride as he attacks me, and not defer his torrid desire. I shall receive his whole blade in my breasts, draw the force of his sword into my deepest bosom. Thus, as the bride of Christ, shall I overleap all the darkness of the firmament, loftier than the heavens." The vividly erotic language in which Agnes expresses her willingness to be immolated retains all of its power in our more prudish age (I think particularly of the scandals .

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poetry and film: el sol del membrillo and los amantes del cırculo
For some, these would hardly constitute definite traits of the lyric genre. In Coppola’s view, they account for the poetic element in a cinematic murder. In filmmakers’ reflections on their craft, scholarly articles, journalistic film criticism and reviewing, and publicity campaigns, the assumptions on which the different uses of the label poetic film may rest are manifold, yet one might say that they activate the same set of expectations. To state that a film is lyric or poetic seems to promise a cinematic .

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