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el código familiar (mudawwana) como fundamento del derecho civil
Koranic law was developed in the Moroccan Family Code, named the Mudawwana, in its first version between 1957-58. The changes included in the 1990s and also in 2004 modify part of the apparent philosophy of the Islamic Text and give greater freedom of action to women. We shall see that the Family Code legislates for all the events and conflicts of family life: marriage, divorce, descent, adoption, inheritance, etc. This is why the analysis from a gender perspective of the kind of social influence it has .

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orientaciones para el curso fonética inglesa ii código: 5016
METHODOLOGY The same method that has been used in the other English courses will also be used in this one, which is a combination of studying and reading at home and practicing in the workshops. When the student comes to class, the material assigned for that tutorial must have been read and studied thoroughly. Students have to do all oral, listening, and written exercises at home, and check their answers with the answer key provided at the end of the book. In class the tutor will clarify questions and .

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