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El Modelo De Ministerio Fiscal Español: Evolucion Desde La Dict
el modelo de ministerio fiscal español: evolucion desde la dict
c) The Public Prosecutors Service as the strong arm of the Executive Power. The previous discussion, is made evident through another document presented in the encounter between the Spanish Judge and the present president of Medel, Miguel Carmona, when during the creation of the “Judicial School” in 1944 the Minister of Justice referred to the proposition of, “creating a militia (army) of the right that identified with the principles of the National Movement” (the only party). Other examples are the .

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Programming For El Día De Los Niños/el Día De Los Libros
programming for el día de los niños/el día de los libros
STORY TIME One of the most traditional and beloved forms of programming is story time. Story times, whether in school or public library settings, typically involve reading aloud several books connected to a particular subject. Particularly in school libraries, story time may sometimes simply involve the reading of a single book. However, whatever the length or complexity of the program, non-Spanishspeaking librarians are frequently inhibited by their limited linguistic abilities. The following suggestions.

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El Español En El Aula De Inglés
el español en el aula de inglés
In the last ten years, Spanish universities have gradually started to incorporate English as a means of instruction. As a result, many lecturers — who regularly use their mother tongue for their teaching activity— have been compelled to adapt their syllabus contents into English, resulting in lectures that show evidence of cross-linguistic influence (Odlin, 1989). This is especially noticeable in the recurrent presence of calques, which emerge as a consequence of both the teachers’ insufficient .

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Panel 5: Las Relaciones Laborales En El Sistema De Bienestar Español
panel 5: las relaciones laborales en el sistema de bienestar español
ABSTRACT Direct participation has been little studied in Spain. A context of employer prerogative on work organisation matters and a young system of representative participation means that direct participation is an uncertain move for all workplace actors. The determinants of direct participation are examined through a representative workplace survey administered in a region. Collective voice through workers’ representatives is shown to have a significant positive association with direct participation. A .

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'El Libro Es Una De Las Posibilidades De Felicidad Que Tenemos Los
'el libro es una de las posibilidades de felicidad que tenemos los
Finally, in response to the questions raised by some participants in the meeting about the need to support translations into less widespread languages, he said he appreciated this issue and would look into it more deeply. institutions. These new cooperation tools tie in well with the EU’s communication policy, which stresses the importance of involving a wide range of information chain operators so as to come closer to the European public and fill the information gap. Publishers play an invaluable role in .

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