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Mathematics Tutorial - Machine Intelligence
mathematics tutorial - machine intelligence
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Elections Mathematical Sciences Home Pages
elections mathematical sciences home pages
. reorganization, the operating or active nodes must elect a coordinator. It is precisely these elections we wish to study in this paper.

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Mathematical Tutorial Poisson Counter Driven Stochastic
mathematical tutorial poisson counter driven stochastic
• A pipe of capacity 1 with two types of traffic: TCP and UDP • Each TCP user arrives in Poisson process with rate λt and UDP user arrives with rate λu • TCP user has file size in exponential distribution with mean 1/µt ; UDP user requires a fixed bandwidth α < 1 but it stay in the network for an exponential time with mean 1/µu • UDP user will refuse to enter the network if the network is full, i.e. if the network has n TCP and m UDP, and the following satisfied nε + (m + 1)α > 1 then the UDP user will .

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Appendices Election Mathematics
appendices election mathematics
39 A Matlab program was converted to SAS to calculate the sample size, based on the minimum corrupt votes and the number of corrupt precincts from stepThe Matlab program is available from Dopp, Kathy and Stenger, Frank: “The Election Integrity Audit,” National Election Data Archive Project, September 25, 2006, http://electionarchive.org/ucvAnalysis/US/paper-audits/ElectionIntegrityAudit.pdf.

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View Election Mathematics
view election mathematics
. uncontroversial assumption that the overarching goal of a proper post-election audit2 is to provide the public with verifiable assurance. the integrity of elections, systematic monitoring and auditing of elections is recommended by political scientists, mathematicians, computer scientists, and election integrity advocates [33. voting system designs and the use of open standards for election data reporting would increase the convenience of methods for detecting. the causes of errors, thus contributing to overall improvement of elections systems [45, 13]. Various ad hoc groups of specialists and.

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