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The active power P0, which is converted into heat in the iron core, is made up of eddy current and hyteresis loss. The following example shows that the iron losses almost always arise during idling. Example: The following idling values were measured in a transformer: U1n = 220 V; I0 = 0.5 A; P0 = 40 W; R1 =What percentage of winding losses are contained in idling power? Solution: P0 = PVFe + PVW

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. – types – construction and working of percolator type. 11. Electric Mixer & Egg beaters Electric Maker – Function – Construction – General Operating Instruction – Caution – Cleaning. – Electric type – Construction. 12. Vacuum Cleaner and washing machine Vacuum Cleaner – Function – Principle – Main components – features – types - working – accessories - Filters – Repairing. Washing Machine. working of washing machine – comparison of Top and front loading machines – Problems and Remedies. 13. Electric Fan & Hair Drier Electric Fan – Function – Terminology.

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. converters. The reason behind this cooperation is that ABB Induction Machines and ABB Drives serve same market and industries. ABB Drive. Induction Machines’. This thesis however concentrates machines’ market and drive’s specialists are interviewed because of their local knowledge. Together as electric motor. frequency converter form a solution where the speed of the electric motor can be adjusted accurately with the frequency converter. There. the electric motor is required, they range from electric locomotives and propulsions of cruise ships to industrial applications like conveyors, paper machines and.

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