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Baltimore (Junior or College) Showcase 401 Center Street Ste. 205 Mt. Airy MD, 21771 Teams who require hotel rooms must book with THS. To make your reservations online visit the following links: https://secure.thsweb.com/Event2.aspx?TournamentID=3197&Cid=1 Any questions or issues with hotels, contact THS directly https://secure.thsweb.com/contactnames.cfm?contact=ind

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2012-13 manual curriculum ohio elite soccer academy
As a result, the list of league and tournament successes on a local and regional is long and inspires us to continue to improve. The growth of the boys program has been a result of the support from our membership and we are proud to welcome you to another year. Our focus remains on those areas we can control- highquality training and long-term development of all our players and coaches. We are excited to announce our acceptance to the US Club National Premier League for our U13-18 Academy teams. As a .

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2011-2012 ecnl manual ohio elite soccer academy
1. Ohio Elite Soccer Academy Travel Coordinator - Laura Huster will secure hotel accommodations for .

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