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But we all recognized that the EWIC project was an opportunity, indeed, a delicious moment to define a field of knowledge. The excitement of that moment brought with it the burden of responsibility. To whom were we accountable for that responsibility – to our publishers, ourselves, our readers, our subjects, our students, history, truth, all of the above? – and whether the different constituencies’ needs could all be met were questions which hung over us. At times it seemed as if we were driven by EWIC. .

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I. Elements and conditions of the act of faith. What is “to believe”? The schools of #ilm al- kalm and of fiÎh very soon posed this question and continually returned to it. Three principal elements concur in an act of faith: the internal conviction, the verbal expression, the performance of the prescribed works ( i#tiÎd [or taßdÊÎ] bi 'l- Îalb, iÎrr bi 'l- lisn [or Îawl], #amalThere follow now the main solutions, which sometimes overlap, but according to different perspectives. It should be added that each.

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General Editor: Suad Joseph (University of California, Davis) Associate Editors and their regional responsibilities: Afsaneh Najmabadi (Harvard University) Afsaneh Najmabadi is responsible for entries covering Turkey, Iran, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Central Asia and the Muslim republics of the ex-Soviet Union. Julie Peteet (University of Louisville) Seteney Shami (Social Science Research Council) Julie Peteet and Seteney Shami together take responsibility for the Arab Gulf states, the Arab.

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. (the future → Nādir Shah,1736–1747), decided to convert to Islam in order to preserve their wealth and, perhaps, their lives. to join them, became → anusim (Heb. forced converts), outwardly practicing Islam but secretly faithful to Judaism. BābāīFarhād was caught up in.

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