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and Metrology." The first acti vity of the new subgroup has .

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The most important condition is the temperature, both of the work piece and of its surroundings. The international standard temperature of measurement is 20C (68F) and the ambient temperature should be maintained at this level. However carefully this is controlled, it is to no avail if the temperature of the work piece is allowed to vary. Handling a gauge changes its temperature, so it should be handled as little as possible, and having been handled, allowed stabilizing. Where measurements are being made .

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objects which are to be used solely as roundness standards, such as hemispheres, a higher level of precision is called During the last decade a measurement algorithm has been used at NBS which is unlike any thus far found in the literature. It involves making several traces of the roundness standard (also referred to as the workpiece ) where the standard is rotated between traces. A least squares analysis is performed on the resulting measurements enabling the noncircularity in the spindle to be separated .

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472 – engineering metrology and quality control
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