Equipos De Alto Desempeño

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Equipos De Perforacion
equipos de perforacion
ARB-100.К ARB – 100 drilling rig ARB-100 repair drilling rig, mounted on MZKT chassis is intended for rotary table and bottomhole motor drilling, completion, repair and recovery of oil and gas wells. It includes: hoisting tackle mounted on MZKT all-wheel drive chassis of high maneuverability with drive’s mechanisms from the chassis YAMZ-8424 propelling motor of 470 hp, 2100 rev/min with mechanical transmission; Wellhead platform adapted for installation of AKB4 wrench as a unit with trip tank V=3,5 m3 and.

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equipos De Perforación Disponibles:
equipos de perforación disponibles:
DRAW-WORKS: Gardner-Denver 700 Draw-works with 342 Parmac Hydromatic Brake Powered by (2) - CAT C-15 Engines With National 195-80 Torque Converters – 800 hp  SUBSTRUCTURE & MAST o Pyramid 131 Mast, 550,000 GNC. 1” 1/4 Line o Pyramid 17‟ H Substructure  GENERATOR o (2)- 320 KW AC Generators Powered by (2) Cat C-15 Diesel engines)  MUD PUMPS o ((2) 1000 HP. Weatherford Chinese Triplex Powered by 3508 Cat Engines.  ROTATING & TRAVELING EQUIPMENT o Chinese 27 ½” Rotary Table o Emsco 250 Ton Block .

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Equipo De Panaderia Hobart Mixer A200, 20 Quarts Moulder
equipo de panaderia hobart mixer a200, 20 quarts moulder
Manual And Automatic Technical Data Design Autom. Flour Duster Width of Conv. Belts Table Length Overall Roller Length Roller Gap Speed of Discharge Conveyor Cutting Speed variable Rated Power Supply Voltage Req. floor-space in working position, catch pans extended Req. floor-space in resting pos., right hand conv. hingedup SSO 675C Manomat A-Frame option 25" 124 13/16" 26" 1/64" - 1 3/4" 23 5/8"/sec SSO 677C Manomat A-Frame option 25" 136 5/8" 26" 1/64" -.

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Formación Equipos De Trabajo
formación equipos de trabajo
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Productos De Alto Valor Para Mercados De Pequeos Productores En
productos de alto valor para mercados de pequeos productores en
Introduction Recent structural social, economical and political reforms in the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region have had a positive impact in acute poverty reduction but the region is still struggling with chronic poverty and its pervasive effects. Incidence of poverty is greatest in rural areas and is most severe among small and marginal farmers, who typically have limited access to the resources required for engaging in profitable agricultural systems (Barghouti, 2004). In fact, some authors.

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