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Ipa Biologi Untuk Smp/mts Kelas .bandung
ipa biologi untuk smp/mts kelas .bandung
Language: english
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(xi'An, China) Final Report Convention Biological Diversity
(xi'an, china) final report convention biological diversity
The visit to this forest park exposed participants to different ecosystems and species existing in Qinling Mountain which is a watershed dividing southern and northern China. Participants also learned about efforts undertaken by Shaanxi Province to protect unique ecosystems in Qinling. 10. In addition, as part of the field trip, participants also visited Chanba Ecological District. An introduction was provided to participants as to how this district emerged from a waste disposal site in the past to a .

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Xi, Weimin Peet. 2011. The Complexity Biology Department
xi, weimin peet. 2011. the complexity biology department
In particular, important reviews by Webb (1999) and Peterson (2000) have shown highly variable forest responses to windstorm disturbances in temperate forests, but there has been a continuing increase in knowledge about the complexity of the impacts (Table 1). In this review we focus on the complex effects of large, infrequent windstorm disturbances in temperate forests and provide information for improving forest management that helps to minimize the timber loss under the increasing risk of catastrophic .

Language: english
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Xi, W., R.k. Peet, J.k. Decoster D.l. Biology Department
xi, w., r.k. peet, j.k. decoster d.l. biology department
We present a multi-scale, comparative analysis to examine how risk factors change over spatial scales and to evaluate the consistency in risk factors associated with three major wind events: a North Carolina Piedmont tornado of 1988, Hurricane Hugo of 1989 and Hurricane Fran of 1996. Our results reveal that the risk factors that best explain variation in damage vary with scale of observation. Tree size and species explain damage variation at the stand scale; topographic, site and stand factors explain .

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Xi, W., R.k. Peet And D.l. Urban. 2008 Biology Department
xi, w., r.k. peet and d.l. urban. 2008 biology department
Aims Large hurricanes have profound impacts on temperate forests, but owing to their infrequent nature these effects have rarely been examined in detail. In 1996, Hurricane Fran significantly damaged many long-term tree census plots in the Duke Forest on the North Carolina Piedmont, thereby providing an exceptional opportunity to examine pre- and post-hurricane forest compositional trajectories. Our goal was to examine immediate, short-term (0–4 years) and longer term (;5 year) hurricane-induced structural.

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