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. but also providing a home for political unrest. Current EPRDF education policy reflects the ethnically based federal government arrangement. The EPRDF is. the educational structure. The following area are the major focus of the new education policy.Universal primary education, the expansion of the overall educational system with particular emphasis on attainment basic education for all.Emphasis on civic education.

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. multiethnic and multilingual situation is a challenge to the education system of Ethiopia. Education can only be successful by taking into account the. spoken in Ethiopia are told to be used as media of instruction in the primary education. This new language and education policy could be. level. Further regard was given to the impact of the education reform on the duration of school attendance, especially to enrolment. that these two factors bear for this education system. Value and implementation of mother tongue education Language is a tool of communication.

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Higher education policies and strategies were also designed and implemented with the same . education community have begun a concerted effort to design detailed strategies outlining the reform and the future directions of higher education in Ethiopia. concept paper produced by government, a sector development program for education was initiated and prepared in 1997. This country owned and. Africa. The Education Sector Development Program (ESDP) was drafted and prepared by the direct involvement of national experts, policy makers and stakeholders.

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