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Fathul Bari Bin Mat Jahya Anor Majlis Agama Islam Negeri
fathul bari bin mat jahya anor majlis agama islam negeri
[2] The facts giving rise to this petition are briefly as follows. The first petitioner was arrested by the enforcement officers of Jabatan Hal Ehwal Agama Islam Negeri Sembilan on 28 February 2010 for conducting a religious talk without a tauliah in the District of Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan. This is an offence under s 53(1) of the Syariah Criminal Enactment (Negeri Sembilan) 1992 ('the Enactment') and he was accordingly charged for the said offence at the Shariah Subordinate Court of Negeri Sembilan. .

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Elmas Qadeer Sezgin Subasi Tasiran Tacas10
elmas qadeer sezgin subasi tasiran tacas10
The typical proof of linearizability establishes an abstraction map from the concurrent program to a sequential specification, and identifies the commit points of operations. If the concurrent program uses fine-grained concurrency and complex synchronization, constructing such a proof is difficult. We propose a sound proof system that significantly simplifies the reasoning about linearizability. Linearizability is proved by transforming an implementation into its specification within this proof system. The proof.

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Shaz Qadeer, Microsoft Research Dinghao Wu, Princeton University
shaz qadeer, microsoft research dinghao wu, princeton university
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Reproductive Health - 1 Qadeer, Imrana: Reproductive Health: A
reproductive health - 1 qadeer, imrana: reproductive health: a
On the other hand, women's movements in the third world were linked with nationalist struggles against powerful political and economic forces. They asserted their entitlement rights, and the right to equal wages and work. Though influenced by the western women's movement, even in the post-1970s period, they focused on the marginalisation of women in the workforce, the dwindling health and educational facilities of the public sector, rising prices, and sexual exploitation of women. This does not mean that .

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Michael Emmi Shaz Qadeer Zvonimir Rakamarić A Canonical
michael emmi shaz qadeer zvonimir rakamarić a canonical
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