Federal Mogul Engine Bearing

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Federal Mogul Seals + Bearings 9-18-2001
federal mogul seals + bearings 9-18-2001
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World Class Bearing Technology Federal-Mogul Corporation
world class bearing technology federal-mogul corporation
The constant pressure on costs additionally calls for increasing uptime of machinery and equipment and uncompromising standards of operational reliability. The maintenance-free, permanently self-lubricating heavy-duty bearing materials from the DEVA product range offer bearing solutions guaranteed to operate reliably and safely over a long term.

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World Class Bearing Technology Federal-Mogul Deva Gmbh
world class bearing technology federal-mogul deva gmbh
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Deva.tex® Sliding Bearings Maintenance-Free, Self Federal-Mogul
deva.tex® sliding bearings maintenance-free, self federal-mogul
Flange thickness Wall thickness Plate length Plate width Plate thickness Loading static dynamic alternating impact Radial load [kN] Axial load [kN] Surface pressure radial [MPa] axial [MPa] Mating material Material no./type Hardness [HB/HRC] Roughness Ra [µm] Lubrication Dry running Permanent lubrication Meduim lubrication Meduim Lubricant Initial lubrication Hydrodyn. lubrication Dynamic viscosity

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Piston Rings For Large Bore Engines Federal-Mogul Corporation
piston rings for large bore engines federal-mogul corporation
However, this was not always the case. If we look back to 1903 we will search in vain for a ship powered by diesel. Almost six years had passed since the market launch of the new combustion engine – in 1897. Rudolf Diesel remarked as early as 1892 that his engine could be used to power ships, but it was not until 1903 that two ships were outfitted for diesel power within a short space of time: the transport ship VANDAL which travelled the Volga and the small french canal boat PETIT PIERRE.

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