Floral Biology Of Guava

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Floral Biology, Flowering Phenology And Floral Visitors Of Five
floral biology, flowering phenology and floral visitors of five
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Floral Biology, Breeding System, Pollination And Reproductive
floral biology, breeding system, pollination and reproductive
Language: english
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Floral Biology And Pollination Ecology Of Rhizophora Mucronata
floral biology and pollination ecology of rhizophora mucronata
•Visitation by bees during S-3 is for pollen collection • Visitation by bees during S-8 to S-9 is for nectar collection •Visitation by ants during S-8 to S-10 is for nectar •Ants were not seen around stigma - not direct pollinators. • Insect predators such as spiders, birds may play the role of indirect pollinators •Wind is an important factor- could play positive as well as negative role •Wind pollination is less assured as compared to biotic (insect) pollination •Wind pollination is less efficient than .

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Floral Biology Of North American Oenothera Sect. Lavauxia
floral biology of north american oenothera sect. lavauxia
1 The authors thank Warren Wagner for his generosity, encouragement, and knowledge of Oenothera; Donald Miller III for generously providingtriloba plants; Robert Bellsey for several collecting trips to the White and Sacramento Mountains; and Amanda Labadie for preparing the figures and plates. Raguso, Levin, and McDade were supported by NSF grants DEB9806840 and DEB-0317217 and an AndrewMellon Foundation grant to Warren Wagner, Peter Hoch, Elizabeth Zimmer, Jorge Crisci, and Ken Sytsma. Kelber and Pfaff .

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Floral Biology Of Hesperantha (iridaceae: Crocoideae): How Minor
floral biology of hesperantha (iridaceae: crocoideae): how minor
Field observations, floral dissections of a representative range of Hesperantha species, and pollen load analyses of insects captured on many of them indicate that flowers of this African genus are cross pollinated by a relatively broad range of insects. The pollination ecology of Hesperantha can be divided into four overlapping systems that exploit insects of four orders (Coleoptera, Diptera, Hymenoptera, and Lepidoptera). Species of thefalcata type have erect or nodding, salver-shaped, strongly fragrant, .

Language: english
PDF pages: 22, PDF size: 0.23 MB
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