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Optimal Auditing For Insurance Fraud - Optimal Auditing With
optimal auditing for insurance fraud - optimal auditing with
. useful since they help to identify suspicious files to be audited as a priority by associating scores. However, almost all theoretical. bringing together auditing and scoring within a unified costly state verification approach and by applying the model to insurance claim fraud. In doing so, we shall build a model of optimal auditing which is much more closely related to auditing procedures actually used by insurers (or other principals) than abstract auditing models.

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Consideration Fraud Financial Audits Office Auditor State
consideration fraud financial audits office auditor state
Language: english
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Teknik Mengungkapkan Fraud Dalam Meningkatkan Efektifitas
teknik mengungkapkan fraud dalam meningkatkan efektifitas
Language: english
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Commission Computer Fraud Survey Audit Commission
commission computer fraud survey audit commission
Improvements in fundamental controls and safeguards could reduce the risk and numbers of occurences quite significantly. The second largest number of cases - 22% of the total - was that involving the misuse of computer resources. Surprisingly the number of cases was less than those reported in 1981 and this does not seem to accord with the view often expressed in the media. The use of computers for private work and the risks of sabotage must increase as the incidence of computing grows. It must be said, .

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Survey Computer Fraud Abuse Audit Commission
survey computer fraud abuse audit commission
The benefits of information technology are well documented; in the next decade there will be changes which will make today's advances seem quite unremarkable. But as with all benefits there is a cost and part of the cost of the advantages which technology brings is the need to protect the investment. The equipment itself is expensive and its value is reflected as an asset in the balance sheet, but the more significant asset which is not accounted for, is the information upon which it is necessary to rely .

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