Géométrie Affine

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Geometry Affine Time--Frequency Distributions
geometry affine time--frequency distributions
Thorough studies have already been devoted to the geometry of the Wigner–Ville distribution [4, 13, 14, 16, 22, . [35] or the Cho¨ -Williams distribution [23]. (Discussions about the geometry of their interference terms can be found, e.

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Strominger–yau–zaslow Geometry, Affine Spheres And Painlevé Iii
strominger–yau–zaslow geometry, affine spheres and painlevé iii
We use the Loftin–Yau–Zaslow construction to give an explicit expression for a six–real dimensional semi–flat Calabi–Yau metric in terms of a solution to the affinesphere equation and show how a subclass of such metrics arises from 3rd Painlevé transcendents.Introduction Let X be a six real dimensional Calabi–Yau (CY) manifold - a complex Kähler three-fold with covariantly constant holomorphic three-form . Any such manifold admits a Ricci flat Kähler metric with holonomy contained in SU (3). We shall consider.

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Eecs 442 Computer Vision Multiple View Geometry Affine Structure
eecs 442 computer vision multiple view geometry affine structure
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Affine Algebraic Geometry And Polynomial Automorphisms
affine algebraic geometry and polynomial automorphisms
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Affine Algebraic Geometry Over Finite Fields
affine algebraic geometry over finite fields
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