Gambar Alat Peraga Matematika Materi Logika Matematika

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Modular Power System Simulator Alat Peraga Teknik
modular power system simulator alat peraga teknik
It simulates a value modifying concentrated parameter line that allows different configurations and consists on three conductorline (R, S, T) and a Neutral or return line (N). Each of the phases is represented, following the concentrated parameters theoretical model, through a resistance series association and inductance, along with a parallel association between each one of them in a capacitance effect. A way to reduce the earth short circuit current is to have impedance in the neutral-to-ground .

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Wdw-E Series Computer Controlled Electronic Alat Peraga
wdw-e series computer controlled electronic alat peraga
. series Universal testing machine can make tests on most of materials and components to suit your needs.

Language: english
PDF pages: 11, PDF size: 1.05 MB
Plc Module For The Control Industrial Processes Alat Peraga
plc module for the control industrial processes alat peraga
Language: english
PDF pages: 33, PDF size: 6.12 MB
Electronics And Electricity Assembly Kits M-Kits Alat Peraga
electronics and electricity assembly kits m-kits alat peraga
EDAS/VIS is the perfect link between the electronic Modules or Kits and the PC. With the EDAS/VIS system, information from the modules/kit is sent to the computer. There, it can be analyzed and represented. We easily connect the Data Acquisition Interface Box (DAIB) to the Modules/Kits with the supplied cables (connection points are placed in the modules). Like any other hardware, the DAIB is connected to the PC through the Data Acquisition Board (DAB), and by using the Data Acquisition and Virtual .

Language: english
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Logika, Skupovi I Diskretna Matematika
logika, skupovi i diskretna matematika
A set is a well-defined collection of objects (called elements of the set) considered as a whole. A set may be described in words, for example: A is the set of the four largest Croatian towns. B is the set of all primes. A set can also be defined by explicitly listing its elements between braces (also called curly brackets), for example: D = {Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Osijek}. Two different descriptions may define the same set. For example, for the sets defined above, A and D are identical, since they have .

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