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dampak otonomi daerah terhadap kesehatan perempuan
On the other hand many district/city governments treat public services, especially in health, as local revenue generation opportunities, hence draining money from the poor and marginalized people they are supposed to serve. The district of Bantul and the city of Yogyakarta (in central Java), for example, increased the fees at community health centers by 500% to 700% respectively. The district of North Lampung issued regulations that turned public health facilities at the community and district level as .

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judul: kajian pengaruh daur hidup bangunan terhadap meningkatnya
Abstract Vernacular housings are a sustainable building, which can be proved from social aspects (related to society), environment aspects (related to material used, environment management, and environment impacts control), and economic aspects (construction cost, low cost of construction and environment management, etc). This paper will elaborate one of the vernacular housing in Indonesia, which is vernacular housing in Dukuh Kampong, West Java. The purpose is to prove the sustainable of vernacular .

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impak kenaikan kos terhadap kualiti hidup pekerja - bengkel gaji
•Implementation of a minimum wage - issues and challenges -Since 1998 MTUC attempts were turned down citing MEF’s objections -Investors would be distracted -Investors who are unwilling to comply with a decent minimum wage need not be invited – They are probably labour intensive industries who would be demanding for migrant workers. -Individually most employers are not against a minimum wage – so long the rate applied to all -Malaysia has first class infrastructure but third world salaries (Tan .

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