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. 2 dạng: Ví dụ: Light - lighted - lighted lit - lit Người Anh ưa dùng quá khứ thường khi chia động từ và.. Tôi có thể nhìn thấy từ xa ngôi nhà sáng ánh điện.  Nó dùng để diễn đạt 1 hành động đã.

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They allow us to do simple things like switch on lights, turn taps, and open doors. They also make it possible to use escalators and lifts, travel in cars and fly from continent to continent. Mechanisms play a vital role in industry. While many industrial processes have electronic control systems, it is still mechanisms that deliver the power to do the work. They provide the forces to press steel sheets into car body panels, to lift large components from place to place, to force plastic through dies to .

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201-giao trinh thu tin trong tmqt 2003 ktdncn19b
The form of the letter-good quality paper, and an attractive letterhead-play their parts, but what is more important is the message the letter carries. The entire secret of success of good commercial letter writing is to write simply, in an easy and natural style.The Parts of a Commercial Letter While the horizontal placement of letter parts may vary (See the next section for the lay-out styles), the vertical order of these parts is standard. Refer to the model letter (Figure 1) as you study the following .

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. để giúp các vị nào cần trau giồi thêm tiếng Anh và nắm vững được cách trò chuyện của người bản. ñoåi teân laø English Daily Phrases töùc laø Nhöõng Caâu Anh Ngöõ Thöïc Duïng ñöôïc ngöôøi Vieät söû duïng vôùi ngöôøi. ñaäm neùt ñeå quyù vò deã theo doõi. Phaàn tieáng Anh ñöôïc in lôùn hôn, tieáp theo laø phaàn dòch tieáng.

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