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1.0 Introduction : Organisation Profile The name, Mass Education signified that as an non-government organization it does not confine its areas of intervention in a particular area of social interaction but it intervene issues standing in the way of development – development so necessary to arrest the course of poverty. A band of young activists with commitment for social development mustered strong to form an organization in 1978 under the style of Mass Education, registered under the W.B. Societies Act .

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.. At the core of his idea is the observation that managers often get stuck in a rut, so when an entirely. they revert to old responses. Active inertia, Sull says, is “management’s tendency to respond to the most disruptive changes by. it, “It just dug itself an even deeper hole.” When managers are in a hole, they should stop digging.

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IBM, the IBM logo, and are trademarks or registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both. These and other IBM trademarked terms are marked on their first occurrence in this information with the appropriate symbol ( or ), indicating US registered or common law trademarks owned by IBM at the time this information was published. Such trademarks may also be registered or common law trademarks in other countries. A current list of IBM .

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guide management reviews public housing hud user
Time Frame: 4 months to 6 months for the review; an additional 6 months to 1 1/2 years for the implementation of the improvement plan including training and technical assistance (T/TA) Advantages of a Review: • Improved operations, increased efficiency • Knowledge of strengths and weaknesses • Improved relationship with external parties • Improved inter-agency relationships Disadvantages of a Review: • Disruption of PHA operations • Cost • Possible erosion of staff attitudes and morale Typical Review .

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