Haile Selassie Amharic Bible English Translation

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Alquran Color-Coded Arabic English Translation
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61. And when you said: “O Moses, we can never endure upon one (kind of) food. So call upon your Lord for us, that He bring forth for us of that which the earth grows, of its herbs, and its cucumbers, and its corn, and its lentils, and its onions.” He said: “Would you exchange that which is lower for that which is better. Go down to a settled country, then indeed, you will have that which you have asked for.” And they were covered with humiliation and misery, and they drew on themselves the wrath from Allah.

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"ponniyin selvan" kalki krishnamurthy english translation
Silence prevailed for some time. Lord Sambuvaraya then said, "We are ready to take such an oath of support. Before that, we need one clarification. What are the feelings of Prince Madurandaka? Is he ready to accept the throne and rule this Empire? We have heard that the cherished son of Gandara Aditya has forsaken the pleasures of worldly life and is fully involved in the devotion and worship of God Shiva. Several persons have said that he has no interest in worldly kingdoms. We have also heard that .

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