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handbook of technical writing is a useful book for both teaching and
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This is a 2-day awareness raising course module designed to enable senior and mid-level zilla/upazilla fisheries and agriculture extension officers improve their knowledge and understanding of Model Village extension approach. The main course content of the module are; introduction of model village extension approach, implementation techniques and necessary resources of model village extension approach, merits and demerits of model village extension approach, economics aspects of model village extension .

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Abstract This paper is a brief guide to technical report writing for laboratory tests, materials selection projects, and term papers or projects. It itemizes and explains the various parts of a technical report, tells how to use a style manual, how to do references and reference citations, shows how to use headings, and finishes with a section on writing style. As a result of reading and following this report guide, you will be able to write concise, quality technical reports for any class. Epilogue

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. and form Define jargon Annex 2.1. Example of poor writing and alternatives ChapterNumbers, units, abbreviations and nomenclature Numbers Dates Units. raw material Make a complete plan before you start writing Making a start Writing the first version Revising the first draft The.

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