Human Dimension And Interior Space

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The Dimensions Of Context-Space
the dimensions of context-space
. our work on building the large Cyc knowledge base of human common sense and common knowledge, our group began to study. are a dozen mostly-independent dimensions along which contexts vary; conversely, each region of that 12-dimensional space implicitly defines a context.

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Embedding Dimensions Of Poisson Spaces
embedding dimensions of poisson spaces
. ∗ g) for all f, g ∈ C ∞ (P dThe Poisson embedding dimension of (M/G, π) is the smallest d such that. following instance of this construction. Consider the standard symplectic vector space

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Billingsley Dimension On Shift Spaces
billingsley dimension on shift spaces
.. For a large class of metrics we determine the Hausdorff dimension of sets of points of Σ defined by their. approach to computing Billingsley dimension of saturated sets is fundamentally different and applies to more general shift spaces and measures than. an algorithmic construction of a large (in the sense of dimension theory) subset of a saturated set. This generalizes similar constructions.

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Cohomological Dimension And Metrizable Spaces.
cohomological dimension and metrizable spaces.
. the Menger-Urysohn Theorem for cohomological dimension: Theorem. Suppose A, B are subsets of a metrizable space. Then dimR (A ∪ B) ≤ dimR. paper is devoted to the question of existence of universal spaces: Theorem. Suppose {Ki }i≥1 is a sequence of CW. homotopy dominated by finite CW complexes. ThenGiven a separable, metrizable space Y such that Ki ∈ AE(Y ), i ≥ 1, there exists. )), i ≥b. There is a universal space of the class of all compact metrizable spaces Y such that Ki ∈ AE(Y ) for.

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Lighting Design For Interior Spaces
lighting design for interior spaces
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PDF pages: 139, PDF size: 1.39 MB
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