Hyundai I30 Dílenská Příručka Manual

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Hyundai I30 Brochure The Taxi Centre
hyundai i30 brochure the taxi centre
The i30’s athletic design conveys ‘a constant sense of motion’. A softer, lower character line rises up the car’s side creating a play of light and shadow – a fundamental feature of Hyundai’s fluidic sculpture. This evolving sense of movement is complemented by signature features such as LED daytime running lights, striking tail lights, and jewel-like front headlights that flank the bold hexagonal grille. With its poised appearance, the New Generation i30 radiates a distinctive sense of true quality.

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Hyundai I30 Brochure Motorline
hyundai i30 brochure motorline
The colours and finishes reproduced in this brochure are subject to the limitations of the printing process and may vary from the actual colour and paint finish. In line with our policy of continual product improvement Hyundai Motor UK Ltd reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice, to prices, colours, material, design, shape, specifications and models, and to discontinue items. For the latest details, please consult your Hyundai dealer.

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Hyundai I30 2.0i Powerchip Australia
hyundai i30 2.0i powerchip australia
With the Powerchip, you notice the increase in torque right throughout the rev range, which gives you far greater flexibility at low engine revolutions. Towing will become less demanding, and you will no longer feel the need to take the engine to the redline in each gear to get the performance you demand. It’s always there for you, when you really need it most!

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Hyundai Veloster Video Interface Manual Gsm
hyundai veloster video interface manual gsm
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Hyundai I30 2007-
hyundai i30 2007-
- Wir weisen ausdrücklich darauf hin, dass eine unsachgemäße und nicht in einer Fachwerkstatt durchgeführte Montage einen Verzicht auf Entschädigung jeglicher Art insbesondere bezüglich des Produkthaftpflichtrechts zur Folge hat - Il est expréssement prévu qu' on ne saurait se prévaloir d'un quelconque préjudice contractuel ou rédhibitoire si le montage avait été fait en dépit des dites instructions ou dans un garage ne disposant pas des équipments adéquats. - Wij wijzen er met nadruk op, dat ondeskundige .

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