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Knjiga Eng Web.indd Astra
knjiga eng web.indd astra
Authors: Marija Anđelković Dr Violeta Beširević Tamara Vukasović Marijana Gligorić Danijela Nikolić Olivera Otašević Ivana Radović Marjan Wijers Associates: Nataša Bošković Milena Maričić Publisher: ASTRA – Anti Trafficking Action Belgrade, Republic of Serbia astra@astra.rs www.astra.rs ASTRA 2011 DISCLAIMER: This Report has been produced with support of the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia through EIDHR program within the project “Human Trafficking Watchdogs in the Republic of Serbia”. The .

Language: english
PDF pages: 484, PDF size: 2.5 MB
Knjiga Konferenciju.indd
knjiga konferenciju.indd
The United Nations Development Programme in Serbia and Montenegro, the American Bar Association/Central European and Eurasian Law Initiative Field Office in Serbia, and the Judicial Training Centre of Serbia and Montenegro wish to thank the many organizations and individuals who provided useful comments, suggestions and support in organizing the International Conference on Assets Recovery held in Belgrade, 17-18 November 2005. In particular we would like to acknowledge the support provided by the following .

Language: english
PDF pages: 392, PDF size: 1.67 MB
Knjiga 2.indd
knjiga 2.indd
ABSTRACT: Wallemia is a genus of cosmopolitan xerophilic fungi, frequently involved in food spoilage of particularly sweet, salty, and dried food. Until recently, only a single species, Wallemia sebi, was recognized in the genus. When a large group of strains globally collected in salterns and other different ecological niches was analyzed on the level of physiological, morphological and molecular characteristics, a new basidiomycetous class, Wallemiomycetes, covering an order of Wallemiales was proposed .

Language: english
PDF pages: 356, PDF size: 4.73 MB
Knjiga Povzetkov - Genetika 2006; Book Of Abstracts
knjiga povzetkov - genetika 2006; book of abstracts
Genetika 2006 4th Congress of Slovenian Genetic Society and 2nd meeting of The Slovenian Society of Human Genetics with international participation / IV. Kongres Slovenskega genetskega društva in II. srečanje Slovenskega društva za humano genetiko, z mednarodno udeležbo Edited by / Uredili: Editorial Board / Uredniški odbor: Metka Filipič in Irena Zajc Branka Javornik, Metka Filipič, Gregor Anderluh, Milena Kovač, Peter Dovč, Irena Mlinarič Raščan, Damjan Glavač, Uroš Potočnik, Nadja Kokalj Vokač, Darja .

Language: english
PDF pages: 240, PDF size: 1.81 MB
Knjiga Sažetaka Book Abstracts
knjiga sažetaka book abstracts
Based on the relevant and available literature, we first summarize the results of research in contact linguistics published in Serbia and Croatia in the first decade of the 21st century. The dominant theory and approach during this period were the theory of transfer and the structural approach to the analysis of contactological units. A major focus of research was performing theoretical-practical tasks, such as a transcription of onomastic material. The paper then presents the contribution of Serbian and .

Language: english
PDF pages: 234, PDF size: 1.37 MB
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