Ih Cub Lo Boy 154 Repair Manual

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1. In case of repair or inspection, locate the tractor on the flat ground and .

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(1)DETERMINING WHEN TO OVERHAUL THE ENGINE Generally, when to overhaul the engine is to be determined by taking into account a drop in compression pressure as well as an increase in lube oil consumption and excessive blowby gases. Lower power or loss of power, an increase in fuel consumption, a drop in lube oil pressure, hard starting and excessive abnormal noise are also troubles. These troubles,however,are not always the result of low compression pressure and give no valid reason for overhauling the .

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. by trained technicians who are experienced in the service and repair of equipment of the kind described in this publication, and. on this equipment. This includes the contents of the Operators Manual, which came with your equipment. No liability can be accepted.

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