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iklim organisasi dan hubungannya dengan kecenderungan pusing ganti
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kontribusi pribadi kreatif dan iklim organisasi terhadap perilaku
Centralized control assumes existence of an entity that is in some sense different from all other sensors and which has some kind of “power” over the other nodes, generally speaking it plays an exclusive role. It either has more information (accumulated from other sensors or pre-given) or it has an ability to influence the rest of the sensors in their activities: train them, put them to sleep, awake them for some activity, etc. However these days the new point of interest in sensor networks is the research.

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iklim Özellikleri orman genel müdürlüğü
5.12.Inventory of non-wood vegetal forest products Non-wood vegetal forest products are; mushrooms, part of seed plants (flower, fruit, seed, bark, onion, bump, resin etc.). Collecting, using and exporting of this products depend on national and international arrangements. National and international arrangements are given below; 37 and 40 topics of 6831 numbered law, CITES agreement, Formal newspaper (2003 year, 24941 numbered), Bern agreement, “92/43 EEC, 1992” numbered EU council directive (wild life .

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organisasi perusahaan lisntas negara
The organization of firms across countries Nicholas Bloom, Raffaella Sadun, and John Van Reenen NBER Working Paper No. 15129 July 2009 JEL No. L2,M2,O32,O33 ABSTRACT We argue that social capital as proxied by regional trust and the Rule of Law can improve aggregate productivity through facilitating greater firm decentralization. We collect original data on the decentralization of investment, hiring, production and sales decisions from Corporate Head Quarters to local plant managers in almost 4,000 firms .

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