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. interview and decided that it was time to write a story of Mom's life when she was a child and then. as something we should do but procrastination prevailed and the story remained unwritten. It was now time to put thoughts and. collaborated with me by recalling and reviewing many of the stories, made great suggestions, provided pictures and reviewed the text. Pam. genealogy chart. Thanks to Matt Robison for the interview with Mom, and for the details, maps and pictures that I took. hamburgers for Sunday dinner when I was involved with the story.

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university moms: evocative story
CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION A lone parent heads over 1.1 million of the nearly eight million families in Canada; women head over three-quarters of them (Statistics Canada, 1996). Since my daughter's birth in January 1995, I have been among this growing number of lone-mothers and have since met and befriended numerous others. These women come from a variety of ethnic, social, and economic backgrounds; our life choices have been as varied as our personal histories. Some of my friends have chosen to support their .

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today mom: son left fend for self canton public library
Diagnosed last January, the third-grade teacher began treatment at the University of Michigan Hospitals and was then sent to Harvard for chemotherapy, radiation and a bone marrow transplant. That t r a n s p l a n t alone costs $80.000-1120,000, which insurance won't pay. "Insurance doesn't want to pay because they say it's experimental," said Sonia Culver, a secretary at Field who organized fund-raisers to help Wiltaie, who ia unmarried, and her parents who rented an apartment in Boston to stay.

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the widow's son story jewish life the past
. Jews) in the castle since the widowed baroness and her son resided there, had become Even the sight of this high-born son, who proverbial. was of the same age as Joseph, had.

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