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Sistemi Intelligenti 2 2009
sistemi intelligenti 2 2009
Uncertainty, Vagueness, and the Semantic Web Sources of Uncertainty and Vagueness Uncertainty vs. Vagueness: a clarification Basics on Classical Logical Languages Propositional Logic First-Order Logic Basics on Semantic Web Languages Web Ontology Languages RDF/RDFS Logic Programs Description Logics Uncertainty and Vagueness Basics Uncertainty & Vagueness: Basic Concepts Uncertainty & Logic Probability & Logic Vagueness & Logic Uncertainty and Vagueness in Semantic Web Languages The case of .

Language: english
PDF pages: 359, PDF size: 4.68 MB
Sistemi Di Elaborazione Dell'Informazione: Elementi Di Gestione Di
sistemi di elaborazione dell'informazione: elementi di gestione di
Language: english
PDF pages: 214, PDF size: 1.44 MB
Sistemi Cognitivi Per Telecomunicazioni Isip40
sistemi cognitivi per telecomunicazioni isip40
Centralized Data fusion Distributed Data fusion ll Di t ib t d D t f i allows: • Computational load is distributed on several units • Higher flexibility; the processing units can be in distributed on all the architecture according to the bandwidth requirements, spat a constraints, redundancy needs, etc equ e e ts, spatial co st a ts, edu da cy eeds, etc. • Higher modularity, scalability and reliability; the introduction and removal of devices affect less the architecture • Less information transmitted on .

Language: english
PDF pages: 176, PDF size: 3.12 MB
Sistemi Polimerici Multicomponenti Bioriassorbibili Per
sistemi polimerici multicomponenti bioriassorbibili per
Hydrophobic aliphatic polyesters, such as poly(ε-caprolactone), PCL, poly(lactide), PLA and their copolymers, have been intensively investigated for applications in construction of temporary medical devices for regeneration of damaged tissues and in pharmaceutical controlled release systems. of For the both above applications, polyesters, biocompatibility decreases and their biodegradability are fundamental requirements. The rather high crystallinity however, compatibility with soft tissues and lowers the.

Language: english
PDF pages: 176, PDF size: 1.65 MB
Sistemi Informatici Per Il Riconoscimento Automatico Di Timbriche
sistemi informatici per il riconoscimento automatico di timbriche
Language: english
PDF pages: 147, PDF size: 6.38 MB
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