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functional analysis and applications 1. introduction we begin by
. the Fredholm alternative to derive existence and uniqueness of weak solutions to Dirichlet problems for second order elliptic linear partial di. the closed graph theorem, and give applications to the nonconvergence of Fourier series of continuous functions, the nonconverse of the Riemann-Lebesgue. …nally to interpolating sequences for the Hardy space of holomorphic functions on the unit disk. We then continue with convexity theorems. and paradoxical decompositions, including the BanachTarski paradox. Further directions and applications will follow as time permits.

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basic functional analysis with applications contents
.. Definition 1.1. A norm is a real-valued function on X, whose value at an x ∈ X is denoted.

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nonlinear functional analysis and applications, 9, n2, (2004), 233
. paper a method is given for proving existence of a solution to a nonlinear operator equation F (u) = 0 in a Hilbert space and for computing this solution. Our method (the dynamical systems method: DSM) consists of solving. for the solution are obtained. The results of the present paper generalize some results in [8] and [2]. Examples of applications of. monotone operators, and for constructing convergent iterative methods for their solution. Let F be a nonlinear Frechet differentiable map in.

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