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I never knew my mother because, as I explained, she died on the day I was born. "Childbirth," our local priest called it, but I didn't really understand what he was on about until several years later when I came up against the problem again. Father O'Malley never stopped telling me that she was a saint if ever he'd seen one. My father who couldn't have been described as a saint by anyone worked on the docks by day, lived in the pub at night and came home in the early morning because it was the .

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. days later she dropped her anchor at Gibraltar harbor. Jack Archer was by this time thoroughly at home. In the week.

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While she sat, she watched the guides struggling to keep control of the boat while they simultaneously worked on the motor. Feeling guilty that she could not help, Sarah turned her attention to the gathering storm clouds that were swirling about the beach in a maelstrom of angry green and gray colors. In the distance, she could see dark heavy rain bands advancing over the ocean, but the heavier rains appeared to be retreating away from the island. A half hour later the storm finally exhausted its fury and .

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a hand flat on her stomach, feeling everything that a woman would hope to feel at such a moment. As she sat on the bed and tipped herself for the first black stocking, mind-body memories took her back to earlier ablutions, self-inspections, intimate preparations. A weekend out of town with some new man of the moment. Sitting in the car on the Friday afternoon, after the heavy lunch, as they dragged through Swiss Cottage to the motorway, or through the curling systems of Clapham and Brixton and beyond (.

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