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Jenis-Jenis Penyelidikan -Kursus Asas Penyelidikan&pentadbiran
jenis-jenis penyelidikan -kursus asas penyelidikan&pentadbiran
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Efek Fragmentasi Hutan Terhadap Jenis-Jenis Galliformes Di
efek fragmentasi hutan terhadap jenis-jenis galliformes di
International Galliformes Symposium 2004 Way Kambas, which are known to support Galliformes. Other, largely unknown populations are scattered in remaining forest patches in the province (WCS unpublished reports; Parrot & Andrew, 1996). This limited information is consequently leading to a potentially misguided conservation efforts. In Sumatra, more than 60% of the forest habitat that would formerly have been available to forest galliform species appears to have been lost (McGowan & Gillman, 1997)..

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1 Malesian Species Of Fissistigma (annonaceae) Jenis-Jenis
1 malesian species of fissistigma (annonaceae) jenis-jenis
GEOGRAPHICAL DISTRIBUTION Borneo has the highest number of species of Fissistigma (twelve), followed by Sumatra and Malay Peninsula (nine), Celebes (three), whereas Java, Philippines and Mollucas have only one species. Flatifolium has wide distribution and it is found in Sumatra, Malay Peninsula, Borneo, Java, Celebes, Philippines and Mollucas. There are five endemic species found in Sumatra (F.sumatrana), Malay Peninsula (F.lanuginosum) and Borneo (F.cordifolia, F.kinabaluense and F.magnisepala).

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Jeni Ortgies Body Matter Final 11_09_08 Jo
jeni ortgies body matter final 11_09_08 jo
A Case Study of the Dimensions of Affordability of Undergraduate Education in Virginia Jennifer Marie Ortgies ABSTRACT The main purpose of this research was to examine the dimensions of affordability of public undergraduate education, focusing on a single state during a particular period of time. The main research question was: What are the dimensions of affordability of public undergraduate education in Virginia? The study examined three dimensions between the years 1981 and 2000: 1) per capita .

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Jeni Tennison Linked Data Workshop Projects
jeni tennison linked data workshop projects
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PDF pages: 34, PDF size: 0.44 MB
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