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The power and versatility of FEM have been tested for several decades of real engineering practices. One important issue in the FEM is mesh generation. Users often prefer to use the simplest elements, namely three-node triangular elements for two dimensional problems and four-node tetrahedral elements for three-dimensional problems, as they can be easily or even automatically generated and are more amenable to adaptive procedure. Nevertheless, it is well-known that these elements often give solutions of .

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Dynamic loads, which occur during the operation of the machine, result from forces generated by unbalance, inertia of moving parts, or both. The magnitude of these dynamic loads primarily depends upon the machine’s operating speed and the type, size, weight, and arrangement of moving parts within the casing. In structural machine foundation, the presence of dynamic loads requires the special attention, since it is applied repetitively over long period time. Unbalanced forces in rotating machines are .

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