Jurnal Hikmah Wudhu Dalam Psikologi Islam

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psikologi islam dan panggilan bagi pengislaman psikologi moden
. been promoted by Muslim scholars alongside with the process of Islamization of knowledge and education, has its roots in the philosophical. two decades ago, is seen as an initiative to introduce Islamic understanding on man to the conflicting ideas prevalent in modern. man mentioned in the two primary sources of Islam, the Qur’an and ×adÊth. Islamic psychology with its comprehensive ideas on human. an attempt to analyze and also synthesize Western psychology and Islamic psychology in terms of their nature, development, contributions, and problems.

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wudhu: the theological side under islamic premises
. indirect relationship through a devata, Son or Apostle.Prayers in Islam are more frequent and disciplined. At least five times a. the chances are of his leading a purer life.In Islam, prayer is not merely a ritual; it is a physical. social exercise. Every prayer is to be preceded by ablution (Wudhu) requiring washing of exposed organs in a specified manner.

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islam, keindonesiaan, dan kemodernan dalam pemikiran arsitektur
. bringing a searching a question about what is “Islamic Architecture”. My acquaintanceship with Islamic thinkers and activist in Salman Mosque guided me into well known Islamic intellectual thinking, such as Ismail al Faruqi, Seyyed Hosen Nasr, and PhilipHitti, about the existence of Islamic Culture and Architecture sense of beauty and spirituality. I tried. Noe’man’s figure represented “Indonesian Islamic Architecture”. When I met him, and asked what is “Islamic Architecture”, his answer was outside.

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abstrak-jurnal-no-3 fakultas hukum uii universitas islam
The problems in this research are formulated as follows: (1) Why does the legislation of Regional Regulations in East Java tend to be conducted in elitist way? (2) What factors do obstruct the institutionalization of the basic principles of democracy in the legislation of Regional Regulations in East Java? And, (3) How is the future conceptualization of legislation of Regional Regulations in democracy perspective? To answer the questions, this research uses socio-legal research approach. The result of the .

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