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Paper_ifsa_published(jurnal En Zulkarnay).pdf - Irepository At
paper_ifsa_published(jurnal en zulkarnay).pdf - irepository at
Kim, Min Young, Kyungpook National University, Korea South Ko, Sang Choon, Electronics. and Telecom. Research Inst., Korea South Kockar, Hakan, Balikesir University, Turkey Kotulska, Malgorzata, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland Kratz, Henrik, Uppsala University, Sweden Kumar, Arun, University of South Florida, USA Kumar, Subodh, National Physical Laboratory, India Kung, Chih-Hsien, Chang-Jung Christian University, Taiwan Lacnjevac, Caslav, University of Belgrade, Serbia Lay-Ekuakille, Aime, .

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Jurnal Penyelidikan@pkb 2008.pdf Jabatan Pengajian Politeknik
jurnal penyelidikan@pkb 2008.pdf jabatan pengajian politeknik
This condition created dissimilar light intensity on each tomato. The top area of the fruit was brighter than middle areas while the bottom area was darker than the other areas as can be seen in Figure 1(a). This was due to exposure of the fruits to day light. It was reported that the representative colour of the whole fruit was the average of the colour pixel along the horizontal plane in the middle area of the fruit skin. In this paper, the sample of the tomato colour was taken from the middle/center .

Language: english
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(pdf) Jurnal Valid Vol.8 No.1, Februari
(pdf) jurnal valid vol.8 no.1, februari
ABSTRACT Earnings management practice had become problem that for investor and regulator. Although is not general standard violation action, but earnings management corporate made financial reporting is not reliable, because of state the real condition. This topic had become an seriously problem when corporate management may abuse the communication potential of GAAP by pushing earnings management too far, and opportunistic behavior for their interest. Empirical finding state that corporate governance is a .

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Jurnal Devel Research_yayat Hidayat.pdf Ipb Repository Home
jurnal devel research_yayat hidayat.pdf ipb repository home
native flora and park, environmental cost/value, methane mitigation, pulp and fauna, agroforestry, commu­ paper industries. wood supply and demand, adaptation and nity forestry) domestication, habitat, conservation, fugitive area, Java rhino, energy balance, ecotourism, and seed bank Biology (biotechnology, gene­ tics. biochemistry) Agronomy (soil fertility and fertilizer, rice soil, integrated farming. plant breeding. oil palm production, precision farming) Social economy (agribusiness and agroindustry) .

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(pdf) Jurnal Valid Vol.9 No. April
(pdf) jurnal valid vol.9 no. april
ABSTRACT This study aims to determine the number of nurses needed to complete the existing work load in terms of both quality and quantity at a health center and health center Gerung subdistrict of West Lombok district. The research was on location in a health center and health centeraide Gerung subdistrict of West Lombok in because at this location frequently found unresolved task that is expected due to the high work load compared to the number of nurses available in Pukesmas.There are 8 nurses available.

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