Jurnal Internasional Tentang Lesson Study

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An Introduction To Lesson Study
an introduction to lesson study
Language: english
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Universal Units Unit Lesson Study
universal units unit lesson study
. started with the lesson study approach in the area of teaching pupils with the area of SEN you are studying. In it you will find both the rationale underlying the Lesson Study process as well as a./spld/lesson-study/about Expected learning outcomes As a result of studying this unit, you will: understand and be able to implement the lesson study approach in relation to the area of SEN you are studying understand why and how the lesson study approach is.

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Improving Teaching Through Lesson Study
improving teaching through lesson study
. examining the findings of The Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), Stigler and Hiebert (1999) conclude that “American teachers aren.

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Teacher Development Through Lesson Study
teacher development through lesson study
. 2008, the Humanities Department at Jurong Secondary School initiated a Lesson Study Team (LST) for Secondary Three Geography teachers. Bearing in mind. lower-ability students, could be effectively engaged in their Geography lessons. The two classes were taught by different teachers, an experienced.. The lessons were carried out with the aid of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and through collaborative learning. Two lesson study cycles were. cycle lasting about 5 weeks. The LST was involved in lesson planning, refining and reflecting on the lessons conducted.

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Lesson Study Induction Tool For Novice Teachers' Performance
lesson study induction tool for novice teachers' performance
. that is sharable throughout the teaching profession. In fact, Japanese lessons emphasize the kind of discourse described in U.S. reform documents to a greater extent than U.S. lessons do (Stigler & Hiebert, 1999). In contrast, American students’ goal.

Language: english
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