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SUMMARY Coral reef has important role in coastal environment, biologically and ecologically. Restoration and conservation effort should be carried out continuously through artificial reef making. Objective of the artificial reef making was to apply technological package in order to recover damaged natural reefs. Also, artificial reef will serve as spawning and nursery ground, reduce fishing effort in natural reef habitat, and as tourism site. This study attempted to discover a package of applied .

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The seasonal upwelling (described above) significantly enhances the primary and secondary productivity of surface waters. During the upwelling the plankton biomass increases and the daily migration of zooplankton decreases (Arinardi 1999). Only five per cent of primary production in the Banda Sea sinks below the euphotic zone (van Bennekom et al. 1998). Based on satellite images it appears that suspended particulate matter (SPM) is generally concentrated near islands during transition seasons. During the .

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