Jurnal Keterampilan Proses Sains Pendidikan

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Pengalaman Belajar Keterampilan Proses
pengalaman belajar keterampilan proses
1. MENGAMATI q menggunakan berbagai indera q mengumpulkan/menggunakan fakta yang relevan dan memadaiMENGKLASIFIKASIKAN (MENGELOMPOKKAN) q mencatat setiap pengamatan secara terpisah q mencari perbedaan persamaan q mengkontraskan ciri-ciri q membandingkan q mencari dasar pengelompokanMENAFSIRKAN (INTERPRETASI) q menghubung-hubungkankan hasil pengamatan q menemukan pola atau keteraturan dalam suatu seri pengamatan q menyimpulkanMERAMALKAN (PREDIKSI) q menggunakan pola atau keteraturan hasil pengamatan q .

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Mohammed Sami.pdf Jurnal Riset Manajemen Sains Indonesia
mohammed sami.pdf jurnal riset manajemen sains indonesia
QUALITY OF INFORMATION AS STRATEGIC FACTOR IN ACCOUNTING INFORMATION SYSTEM (AIS) TOWARDS BETTER ORGANIZATIONAL PERFORMANCE Mohammed Sami 1 College of Business (COB), Universiti Utara Malaysia Email: sami@uum.edu.my ABSTRACT The aim of this study is to examine the information quality and its effect on performance of Iraqi companies. Organizations were found aware on the need to have quality of information as to cope with environmental uncertainty. Most organizations agree on the importance of accounting .

Language: english
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Chuah Chin Wei.pdf Jurnal Riset Manajemen Sains Indonesia
chuah chin wei.pdf jurnal riset manajemen sains indonesia
This research uses Singhapakdi and Vitell’s (1993) marketing norms scale and professional value scale together with Yoo and Donthu’s (2002) three dimensional measures of culture operationalised at the individual level. The findings showed that Uncertainty Avoidance and Professional Values influenced academicians’ marketing ethics. It is therefore suggested that managers should look into methods and ways of cultivating professionalism among academicians in order for them to possess good marketing ethics. .

Language: english
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Jurnal Santiaji Pendidikan (jsp)
jurnal santiaji pendidikan (jsp)
ABSTRACT This study is aimed to improve the studens’s writing ability during the teaching learning process. The Conceptual Network activities had been assumed to be able to improve the student’s ability in writing. Since the technique had been applied the students could increase their achievement both in terms of score and ability in writing aspects such as grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabularies. The subjects of the present study was IX I of SMP Negeri 3 Kuta Selatan in academic year 2008-2009..

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Jurnal Teknologi Maklumat Dan Sains Kuantitatif Eprints Uitm
jurnal teknologi maklumat dan sains kuantitatif eprints uitm
1 The effects of nonnormality on the performance of the linear discriminant function for two dependent populations Yap Bee Wah, Ong Seng Huat Examination timetabling with genetic algorithms Azman Yasin, Nusnasran Puteh, Hatim Mohamad Tahir Numerical solution for one dimensional thermal problems using the finite element method Hisham Bin Md. Basir Pemodelan tuntutan insurans bagi perbelanjaan perubatan (kajian kes) Noriszura Hj. Ismail, Yeoh Sing Yee Applications of leverenz theorem in univalent functions .

Language: english
PDF pages: 17, PDF size: 1.05 MB
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