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1. Introduction One controversial debate in public finance analysis is to address issues concerning relationship between current account deficits and fiscal deficits. Such relationship, popularly named as the twin deficits, has been intensively studying in many countries. The volatility in the twin deficits has attracted many policy makers and economists to deal with in order to soften such deficits. For instance, Indonesia’s current deficit stood for United States Dollar (USD) 566 million in 1981, then in.

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Abstract Jakarta stock exchange (JSX) and Surabaya Stock exchange (SSX) were the organizers of capital market in Indonesia. Thus, to srengthen the capital market in Indonesia SSX merged into JSX on November 30th, 2007. New information coming into market would influence the trading activities, including trading volume activity (TVA), and bid-ask spread. While, merger also influenced the total issuer of listed companies in Indonesia stock exchange (IDX). This research included an event study with .

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Intellectual capital disclosure practices were driven by the advice of underwriters. Multinational underwriters had a greater capacity to produce more relevant information so it reduced the information gap for IPO market participants. The information included IC disclosure practices in IPO prospectuses. This study found that the nationality of underwriting firms positively affected the extent of intellectual capital disclosure in Indonesian IPO prospectuses. Exposure to IPOs in other countries and the .

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Abstract The aim of this research was to prove empirically the determining factors that influence the quality of financial reporting and the economic consequences, and there were influence differences of quality attributes of financial reporting to the economic consequences. The research samples were taken by purposive sampling so it obtained 141 listed manufacturing businesses from 2001 to 2006. The research used four data analysis technique: auxiliary regression R2, confirmatory factor analysis, simple .

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