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So, the research focus may be formulated as follows. (1) What is the philosophical foundation of the religion education used for the study of religion for multi-religion students? (2) What is the basic concept of the religion education curriculum designed to give understanding among multi-religion students? (3) What is the classroom management arrangement that may arouse the students interest and may create dynamism and understanding among multi-religion students? (4) How is to create an educational .

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Being aware of this situation, in this paper, I will not engage myself in the whole complexities of those topics. Rather, I will examine general perception of Muslim elites on women issues. By doing so, I should also note from the initial stage on what I mean by elites in the context of this paper. By saying Muslim elites what I mean are religious leaders, clerics as well as Muslim scholars. Although in the rest of the paper I cannot avoid taking Indonesian cases as an example of theoretical formulation .

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