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Jurnal Yulisna.pdf
jurnal yulisna.pdf
It is a sort of activity in which a reader needs to understand about what ideas that the writers want to convey. So, reading is very important for us in adding knowledge. According to Harmer (1990:1) in Ferdalina (2009:6), reading is an exercise dominated by eyes and brain. The eyes receive messages and the brain is functioned to work out the significance of these messages and require the students to read for meaning. Reading is one of four skills of English subject that should be studied in School Based .

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Jurnal Eriyunita.pdf
jurnal eriyunita.pdf
Since cluster sampling is used for the purpose of this study, the sample chosen is only one class from three classes available which is classThe sample then gathered in one room and watched a movie entitled “Up” prepared by the writer, and wrote the summary of plot from the story told in the movie. The components evaluated in this case are meaning, style, form and conventions. Students writing is evaluated by three independent raters those are knowledgeable in English. The result indicated that the ability.

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Jurnal Misdalina.pdf Repository University Riau
jurnal misdalina.pdf repository university riau
4 students (20%) are in good level. 11 students (55%) are in fair level. 2 students (10%) are in poor level and 2 students (10%) are in very poor level. From the explanation above, the stduents’ ability in comprehending descriptive text is not satisfied before applying OARWET method in teaching and learning process.The Result of the Research in Cycle IThe Result of Observation The result of observation can be seen in the following table: Students’ Activities during Teaching and Learning Process in cycle I .

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Jurnal Nurlaili.pdf Repository University Riau
jurnal nurlaili.pdf repository university riau
INTRODUCTION Language learning has been developed since people want to get in touch with people from other areas that have different languages. The need of the language has risen day after day to be more than a supporting tool for communication. There are a lot of reasons of why people want to learn a language. It may be for business purpose, diplomatic purposes, socializing purposes, educational purposes or even prestige purposes. One of the main purposes of learning teaching English is to provide the .

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Mencetak Jurnal Pembelian
mencetak jurnal pembelian
.; date approve,status 'P'() update_usedqty,balancedqty() print() 11. Membuat Form Pembelian Material (PO) get_dataPOhd() get suppliername, suppliercode(), contactperson() get_relateddataPRhd() get_relateddatadetailPRdt() get_materialname.

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