Jurnal Pendidikan Biologi Model Pembelajaran Think Pair Share

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collaborative teaching environment system using think-pair-share
. on producing the web-based platform. This research reflects on Think-Pair-Share technique used for collaborative communication in virtual classroom, where it. students during the teaching and learning process. ‘Think’ individually, discuss with a ‘pair’, then ‘share’ the ideas with the rest of class. CETLs. their partners as directed by the teacher to follow the think-pair-share technique. The teacher has the ability to articulate their choices. online, and the marks and feedback are given according to Think-Pair-Share activities.

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verbal practice (think-pair-share-write) arizona department
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think-write-pair-share reading four voices
Students may or may not write their answers/ideas on the charts. All groups rotate until they have added to all the charts.At the end of the time, the teacher and students revisit the charts to compare and contrast student work.

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writing practice (think-write-pair-share) arizona department
. review Vocabulary NotesPrompt students to consider a response (allow adequate think time)Cue students to complete the frame (stress form of. accurately completed 1st response frame)Circulate reading to preselect 2 model responses to report Transition to brief Verbal Practice

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