Jurnal Pendidikan Matematika Concept Attainment Manual

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.Congratulations on your acquisition of a top quality Aussie Concept F140 2,000 psi high pressure water blaster. This machine . Stop device fitted to this machine will automatically turn your Concept F140 pressure cleaner off when the gun trigger is closed., one piece polypropylene chassis with large integrated detergent tank. The Concept F140 is powered by a 2.2kW (3HP) single phase. pole induction motor, designed to give years of service. All Concept F140 machines come with a professional style Aussie Turbo Master.

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THEORY OF OPERATION The C-JR-PP or C-JR was designed to manufacture and dispense noncarbonated beverages much like your local bottling plant that cans or bottles your favorite non-carbonated drink. The water bath must be filled with approximately 5 gallons of water. After all connections are made and activation of the refrigeration a certain amount of this water will be transformed into ice, approximately 17 pounds. This water reserve and ice bank will act as a reservoir for refrigeration. This reserve is .

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If a PIN code is already programmed for this User, the corresponding number of Zone Lamps (4 or 6) will be flashing.Enrol the User’s Wireless Remote Key. (Optional) Present the Card at any Access Reader in the system within 30 seconds of selecting the User number. Three short beeps will sound to confirm that the Keyfob/Card has been enrolled and assigned to the selected User. If the Keyfob/Card is already assigned to another User, or is not recognised by the system, one long beep will sound to indicate a .

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