Jurnal Penelitian Pelatihan Dan Pengembangan Manusia Di Semarang

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jurnal penelitian dan karya ilmiah lembaga penelitian universitas
ABSTRACT The purpose of this paper is to describe a technique which can be used as a tool in architechtural design. Based on the concept of figural transformation of D'Arcy Thompson, the technique employs a mathematical terms tailored to transform a shape of a given architectural object into a new form. The new form can be rnnsidered as a product of a design proces. The paper comprises of two main parts. The mathematical background that are necessary to understand the basic concept of the proposed design .

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balai besar penelitian dan pengembangan industri logam dan mesin
. Bimetallic Thermometer Temperature Enclosure : Oven, furnace, waterbath, incubator 8 Hygrometer dan Thermohygrometer 0 C 0 % 0 C Mass No. 1 Weights.

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The gulf is characterized by a bathymetric low of slightly below 2400 meters in Tomini Basin in the west, and a bathymetric low of a slightly below 4000 meters in Gorontalo Basin to the east. The Tomini Basin can be considered as a complex back arc basin of nearly elongated-shaped depocenter, which is oriented eastwest. The islands group of Togian characterizing the NE-SW traversed highs together with the Una-Una islands where the Colo volcano is situated separates the Tomini Basin from the Gorontalo Basin.

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