Jurnal Pengaruh Dana Bagi Hasil Terhadap Belanja Daerah

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liana nurlina pengaruh otonomi daerah terhadap peningkatan
The writer chose 5 indicators to measure how far its influence. Those indicators are the fund of government rate, the fund of committee's school, the cost unit, the elegibilityofteacher teach, and the student ratio per teacher. According to the result of reasearch that area autonomy will give influence to increase the quality of service of education of public school from the segment the fund of government rate, the cost unit, and the elegibility of teacher teach. Eventhough from the segment of the students.

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natalia nainggolan pengaruh otonomi daerah terhadap
Every regency and city in the era or regional autonomy seems to behave like small republic or even corporation with that kind of characteristics, they also need to promote themselves for various purpose. Mainly, they want their regional to became more widenly knows especially in the eyes of regional development observe, national and international and specially local and foreigh investors. Since the ancient times, they fertility of the land of Dairi attracted many setters from Danau Toba, Samosir, Tapanuli.

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