Jurnal Pengaruh Kualitas Informasi Keuangan Terhadap

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Pengaruh Sistim Informasi Terintegrasi Terhadap Kinerja Guru
pengaruh sistim informasi terintegrasi terhadap kinerja guru
Teacher Performance is a form and measurement which describe a teacher’s accomplishment in teaching in schools. It is believed that many factors that affect the level of teacher performance. This research is done to get the empirical evidence about the influence of integrated information system and motivation to the accountancy teachers at SMK Swasta-Bisnis Manajemen in Medan, without paying attention to other variables. The sampel of research is used as many accountancy teacher teaching in Medan by using.

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Analisis Pengaruh Kualitas Pelayanan Perbankan Terhadap Kepuasan
analisis pengaruh kualitas pelayanan perbankan terhadap kepuasan
. penulis melakukan penelitian sebagai mengukur pengaruh tingkat kepuasan terhadap rekomendasi nasabah terhadap bank dan tentunya untuk mengetahui pangaruh kualitas pelayanan terhadap kepuasan pada nasabah. Bolton. and Expectations”: “Terdapat 10 kriteria yang dapat digunakan untuk menilai kualitas pelayanan : Tangible, Responsiveness, Competence, Courtesy, Credibility, Security, Access, Communication, and.

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Pengaruh Management Mutu Terpadu Terhadap Kinerja
pengaruh management mutu terpadu terhadap kinerja
SIMPOSIUM NASIONAL AKUNTANSI 9 PADANGINTRODUCTIONBackground Of The Study In an ideal condition, capital market is a media to support the mechanism of fair stock transactions but in reality this condition is difficult to gain because of the interest conflict and because of intransparancy of company’s financial statement. Leuz and Winsock (2003) had done international comparative study on earnings management and investor protection with 31 countries (including Indonesia) as samples that covered 1990 up to .

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Pengaruh Pendidikan Dan Pengalaman Terhadap
pengaruh pendidikan dan pengalaman terhadap
ABSTRACT Desiderius. NIM. 077003035. “The influence of education and experience to the Entrepreneurship Development in Medan (Case Study of Small Industrial Convection) under the guidance of Prof. Bachtiar Miraza Hassan (Chairman), Prof. Dr. lic.rer.reg.Sirojuzilam, SE (Member), Kasyful Mahalli, SE, M.Si (Member). This study aims to analyze:The influence of education and entrepreneurial experience to the application of principals entrepreneurial behavior convection entrepreneurs Medan,How to increase .

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Pengaruh Konsultan Dan Vendor Terhadap Sistem Implementasi
pengaruh konsultan dan vendor terhadap sistem implementasi
This research based on survey of 33 respondent found that 54,2 % company implemented aplication of e-business i.e. enterprise resources planning, supply chain management dan customer relationship management. From the same research, 31 of 33 company respondents (93,9 %) said that finance division mostly used this aplication. Form research result by Warta Ekonomi found: manufacture mostly used e-business solution in aplication e-business (41,9 %), and the e-business aplication can increase operational .

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