Jurnal Pengaruh Suku Bunga Bank Terhadap Laba Manual

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Roy Efraim Bancin : Analisis Pengaruh Suku Bunga Sbi Terhadap
roy efraim bancin : analisis pengaruh suku bunga sbi terhadap
. Indonesian economy progressively better it necessary to know if Sertifikat Bank Indonesia have a positive or negative influence to the inflation and credit ofthe banks in Indonesia. In order to solvethe problem we use the. regression use the inflation and credit of the banks as the dependent variable andSertifikat Bank Indonesia as independent variable. This research use. four yearssince 2000 until 2003. Based on the research Sertifikat Bank Indonesia has a positive inflnenee to the inflation but it.

Language: english
PDF pages: 95, PDF size: 2.45 MB
Erwin Setyawan Pengaruh Suku Bunga Kredit Investasi, Tingkat
erwin setyawan pengaruh suku bunga kredit investasi, tingkat
Language: english
PDF pages: 97, PDF size: 2.25 MB
Lastaria Br. Sinaga Analisis Pengaruh Suku Bunga Dan
lastaria br. sinaga analisis pengaruh suku bunga dan
Language: english
PDF pages: 127, PDF size: 3.67 MB
Pengaruh Jangka Pendek Dan Jangka Panjang Perubahan Suku Bunga Dan
pengaruh jangka pendek dan jangka panjang perubahan suku bunga dan
The present study investigates the role of exchange rate and interest rate in stock price discovery in Indonesia. Indonesia is experiencing a kind of bubble which is indicated by surplus of current account accompanied by high capital inflow. Capital inflow simustaneusly influences exchange rate, and interest rate, and thus sequently affects stock prices. Employing cointegration approach and Engle Granger Error Corection Model (ECM), covering monthly time series data from January 2000 to April 2010, both .

Language: english
PDF pages: 14, PDF size: 0.49 MB
Analisis Pengaruh Selisih Tlngkat Suku Bunga The Fed
analisis pengaruh selisih tlngkat suku bunga the fed
. some gone through policy by government, in this case Indonesia Bank as monetary authority owner, in taking care of exchange rate.

Language: english
PDF pages: 112, PDF size: 2.54 MB
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