Jurnal Pengaruh Tingkat Suku Bunga Terhadap Simpanan Wadiah

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Chalidia Analisis Pengaruh Tingkat Suku Bunga Dan Inflasi Usu
chalidia analisis pengaruh tingkat suku bunga dan inflasi usu
The Bank of Indonesia have conducted various effort to control the amount of money supply so that as according to specified goals. The target of this research are to know how large inflation rate factor and rate of interest influence the total time deposit. Besides, the researcher was expected the combination of time deposit as a dependent variable and inflation rate and interest rate as an independent variable give. Picture how importance both of independent variables in the growth of time deposit. This .

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Imelsa Siringo Ringo Analisis Pengaruh Tingkat Suku Bunga
imelsa siringo ringo analisis pengaruh tingkat suku bunga
Banking practically will influence economics activity through function of intermediate.By this function amount of money supply in society can be stabilized through the amount of credit channelled by bank . Ever greater amount of credit channelled by bank hence ever greater also fund able to be exploited by society for the advance of hiseconomic activity This research try to analyse influence of Indonesia bank rate storey level and Non Performing Loan ( NPL) to amount of credit channelled by bank.For target.

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PDF pages: 102, PDF size: 2.51 MB
Analisis Determinan Tingkat Suku Bunga Pinjaman Di Indonesia
analisis determinan tingkat suku bunga pinjaman di indonesia
. variabel yaitu Sibor, jumlah uang beredar, inflasi, SBI, PDB dan suku bunga pinjaman domestik, baik dalam jangka pendek, jangka menengah maupun jangka. beredar, inflasi, SBI, PDB dan suku bunga pinjaman domestik. Ruang lingkup penelitian ini mencakup determinan yang mempengaruhi suku bunga pinjaman yaitu faktor eksternal (SIBOR. sekarang. Hasil VAR menunjukkan bahwa kontribusi pertama yang paling banyak terhadap variabel lainnya adalah SBPDt-1 dengan memberikan kontribusi terbesar kepada.

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Pengaruh Jangka Pendek Dan Jangka Panjang Perubahan Suku Bunga Dan
pengaruh jangka pendek dan jangka panjang perubahan suku bunga dan
The present study investigates the role of exchange rate and interest rate in stock price discovery in Indonesia. Indonesia is experiencing a kind of bubble which is indicated by surplus of current account accompanied by high capital inflow. Capital inflow simustaneusly influences exchange rate, and interest rate, and thus sequently affects stock prices. Employing cointegration approach and Engle Granger Error Corection Model (ECM), covering monthly time series data from January 2000 to April 2010, both .

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Analisis Pengaruh Selisih Tlngkat Suku Bunga The Fed
analisis pengaruh selisih tlngkat suku bunga the fed
Stable of exchange rate represent fundamental condition to reaching of macro economic stability. Because in the world of reality there is always interaction between reaJ sector and monetary sector. Besides, exchange rate stability become very relevant to open economics because expressing position stability relative economics in international arena. Economics capable to take care of its exchange rate stability is economics owning economics structure which strong relative and balanced. Cooperation with .

Language: english
PDF pages: 112, PDF size: 2.54 MB
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