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Court in GrahamJohn Deere Co. advanced that ―[t]he Congress in the exercise of the patent power may not overreach the restraints imposed by the stated constitutional purpose. Nor may it enlarge the patent monopoly without regard to the innovation, advancement or social benefit gained thereby.‖2 The Patent Office as an administrative body lacks as well the authority to enlarge the monopoly rights granted for plant variety patents, an authority they have overstepped. Redressing the balance will require .

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Regardless ofwhat approach the teachers want to use, Celce-Murcia and Olshtain (2000) point out that the goal of writing courses should be directed toward the students' becoming autonomous, to take control their own learning, with the fundamental aim of enabling them to become independent writers. Kroll (2001) also suggests that the general goal of writing be directed to fostering student improvement and, therefore, teachers need to develop methodologies, which can foster this improvement. One ofthe ways .

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To analyze the growth pf economic in a state especially Indonesia, we must know the factors that drive the growth of economic. In this writing, the faktors that drive the Indonesia economic growth are invest. The invest in this writing consist. Indonesian economic growth. It mean that investment and export in Indonesia can enhance the Indonesian economic growth. In the other hand.

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Not all of the poor people were reach the program. Objectives of the Study This study aimed to a) assess the welfare of the people located in rural and urban areas before and after the economic crisis, b) identify the impact of economic crisis on household income and expenditure in rural and urban areas, c) analyze the coping strategies chosen by households in rural and urban areas and assess their effectiveness, and d) evaluate the role of government and local institutions in supporting these family-.

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